Review: Cordless 6-in-1 Stick Vacuum – Lightweight with Powerful Suction (W400)

The Cordless 6-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum (W400) packs a myriad of features that make it an intriguing option for those seeking a versatile and capable cleaning solution. However, no product is without its potential drawbacks.


Self-Standing Design: The ability of this vacuum to stand on its own makes storage less of a hassle, contributing to its user-friendly nature.
180° Bendable Wand: This unique feature enhances the vacuum’s flexibility, allowing it to clean hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.
6-in-1 Functionality: As a multi-functional device, it can be configured in six different ways to suit various cleaning requirements, a feature many may find valuable.
Lightweight: Given its light form factor, maneuvering the vacuum around is more comfortable, decreasing the potential for user fatigue.
Powerful Suction: The vacuum’s strong suction power ensures effective cleaning across multiple surfaces, including hardwood floors and carpets.
Rechargeable: As a cordless model, it offers the convenience of being rechargeable, eliminating the need for a constant power source during operation.


Dependent on Battery Life: While the cordless design provides mobility, the vacuum’s operation time is limited by its battery life, which might not be enough for extended cleaning sessions.
Effectiveness on Thick Carpets: Though it performs well on hardwood and thin carpets, its effectiveness on thicker carpets can be diminished.
Pet Hair Collection: Despite its overall strong suction, the vacuum may struggle with collecting pet hair in some situations.


Q: Can the vacuum stand on its own?
A: Yes, the Cordless 6-in-1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum (W400) has a self-standing design for easy storage.

Q: How effective is the vacuum on thicker carpets?
A: While it delivers strong performance on hardwood and thin carpets, it can struggle slightly with thicker carpets.

Q: Is the vacuum good for collecting pet hair?
A: While the vacuum generally has strong suction, it might face challenges with pet hair collection depending on the situation.

Q: Is the vacuum battery rechargeable?
A: Yes, this cordless vacuum model is rechargeable for easy and cord-free operation.

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