Review: G8000 Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo – 2 in 1, 4500Pa Suction

1. **2-in-1 Functionality**: Combines both vacuuming and mopping features.
2. **Strong Suction**: 4500Pa suction power ensures efficient dirt and debris pickup.
3. **Extended Run Time**: Offers up to 150 minutes of continuous operation.
4. **Wi-Fi Enabled**: Allows remote control via a smartphone application.
5. **Self-Charging**: The robotic vacuum automatically returns to the charging dock when battery is low.
6. **Versatile Cleaning**: Suitable for both carpets and hard floors.


Complexity: Incorporating two functions (vacuum and mop) might make the unit more prone to malfunctions.
Maintenance: As a dual-purpose machine, users might need to clean and maintain both the vacuum and mop functionalities.
Cost: 2-in-1 devices are typically priced higher than standalone vacuums or mops.
Size & Weight: Given the combined functions, it might be heavier or bulkier than single-function robotic cleaners.


Can I control the robot with my smartphone?
Yes, the G8000 Pro is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via a dedicated app.

How effective is the mop function on sticky spills?
While it’s designed to handle everyday dirt and light spills, heavily soiled areas might require manual cleaning.

Does the vacuum automatically switch between carpet and hard floor?
Yes, it’s designed to detect floor type and adjust its cleaning mode accordingly.

What happens when the battery runs low during cleaning?
The robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging dock to recharge.

How frequently should I replace the filters?
It’s recommended to check the filters monthly and replace as needed, depending on usage and environment.

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