Review: Hoover MAXLife Elite Swivel Vacuum Cleaner UH75100 – Pros & Cons

1. **Efficient Multi-Surface Cleaning:** Suitable for both carpet and hard floors, providing versatile cleaning options.
2. **HEPA Media Filtration:** Capable of trapping 99.97% of dust and allergens, making it an ideal option for those who have allergies or pets.
3. **Swivel Steering:** Offers easy maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces, making the cleaning process less cumbersome.
4. **Bagless Design:** The absence of bags reduces ongoing costs and makes it environmentally friendly.
5. **Extended Life:** The MAXLife system ensures optimal performance for an extended period without regular maintenance.


Weight: Some users might find it heavier compared to other vacuum models, which could be cumbersome for some.
Noise Level: The vacuum might be louder than expected, potentially causing disturbances in quiet environments.
Attachment Storage: Lack of onboard storage for some accessories could make them easy to misplace.
Price: Might be considered expensive in comparison to similar models in the market.


Is it suitable for pet hair? Yes, the HEPA filtration system effectively picks up pet hair.
Can the height be adjusted for different surfaces? Yes, the vacuum has adjustable height settings for various surface types.
Is it cordless? No, this model requires being plugged into an outlet.
How long is the cord? The cord is a standard length, providing a reasonable range for cleaning.

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