Review: Housmile Mattress Vacuum – 13KPa UV Handheld Cleaner

1. **Powerful Suction**: With 13KPa suction power, it effectively removes dust, mites, and small debris.
2. **UV Light**: UV feature aids in eliminating bacteria and germs.
3. **Roller Brush**: Enables easy and efficient cleaning across fabric surfaces.
4. **Versatile Use**: Not limited to beds; can be used on pillows, sofas, carpets, and other fabric surfaces.
5. **Corded Design**: Ensures consistent power throughout usage without worrying about battery drainage.


Limited Mobility: Being corded may restrict movement and reach in some areas.
Bulkier than Some Models: Might not be as convenient for quick clean-ups or smaller spaces.
No Battery Option: Requires a power outlet, limiting its use in areas without one.


Is it safe to use the UV light on all fabric surfaces?
Yes, the UV light is designed to be gentle on fabrics while targeting bacteria and germs.
How often should I clean my mattress with this vacuum?
For best results and to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment, it’s recommended to vacuum your mattress once every two to three weeks.
Can it be used on plush toys or curtains?
Absolutely. Its design makes it versatile enough for use on a variety of household fabric items including plush toys and curtains.

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