Review: Lightweight 25Kpa Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Smart LED, Long Runtime

This evaluation focuses on the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, specifically designed for its powerful suction capabilities, smart LED display, extended runtime, and lightweight design.


Powerful Suction – This cordless vacuum cleaner boasts a remarkable 25Kpa suction power, enabling it to effectively pick up debris, dust, and even pet hair. The device is as effective on hardwood floors as it is on carpets.
Long Battery Life – The vacuum cleaner provides up to 40 minutes of runtime. This feature means you can thoroughly clean small to medium-sized homes without needing to recharge midway.
Brushless Motor – Equipped with a brushless motor, the device functions efficiently, reducing the overall wear and tear, extending the device’s lifespan.
Self-Standing – The vacuum can stand independently, providing easy storage and quick, hassle-free access.
Smart LED Display – The device comes with a smart LED display, offering a clear view of the battery status and performance updates, providing a convenient user experience.


Lightweight but Cumbersome – Despite its lightweight nature, some users might find the vacuum cleaner a bit bulky to maneuver, especially in tight corners.
Limited Accessory Selection – This vacuum cleaner comes with a basic set of attachments which might not cater to every specific cleaning requirement.
Battery Replacement – The vacuum’s non-replaceable battery could be a disadvantage in the long run, once it starts to lose its charging efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the battery be replaced? – No, the vacuum cleaner does not have a user-replaceable battery.
Is the vacuum cleaner suitable for pet hair? – Yes, the 25Kpa powerful suction capability makes it highly effective for picking up pet hair.
Can the vacuum cleaner be used on hardwood and carpet? – Yes, this vacuum cleaner is designed to effectively clean both hardwood floors and carpets.

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