Review of ThisWorx Cordless Car Vacuum: Portable, High-Powered, and Efficient

Diving right into the analysis of the ThisWorx Cordless Car Vacuum, it’s noteworthy that this portable, mini handheld vacuum cleaner offers some significant benefits, along with a few potential drawbacks.

Cordless Design: The cordless nature of this device adds convenience and flexibility, as it eliminates the need for an external power source during operation.

High-Powered Motor: Equipped with a 60W motor, the vacuum cleaner delivers a high level of suction power, capable of effectively cleaning up debris, dust, and small particles in the car.

Rechargeable Battery: The battery can be easily recharged, saving costs on replacement batteries and ensuring that the vacuum is always ready to use.

Portable and Lightweight: This mini handheld vacuum is easy to transport, making it ideal for quick clean-ups not just in cars but also in other confined spaces.

Multiple Attachments: The vacuum comes with three different attachments, allowing for versatile use and adaptation to a variety of cleaning tasks.


Battery Life: While the battery is rechargeable, the vacuum may require frequent recharging, depending on the level of usage.

Suction Power: Despite the 60W motor, the vacuum may struggle with larger debris or heavily soiled areas, as compared to larger, more powerful vacuum cleaners.

Noise Level: The high-powered motor can potentially lead to higher noise levels during operation.


How long does the battery last on a single charge?
This can vary depending on usage, but typically, the vacuum can operate for an estimated period between charges.

What attachments come with the vacuum?
The vacuum includes three attachments: a brush, a crevice tool, and an extension hose.

Can the vacuum cleaner pick up pet hair?
Yes, the vacuum is designed to pick up small particles and should be able to handle pet hair.

Is the vacuum cleaner suitable for other uses besides car cleaning?
Yes, due to its compact and portable nature, the vacuum can also be used in other confined spaces like small rooms or office spaces.

By providing a comprehensive review of the ThisWorx Cordless Car Vacuum, this analysis aims to guide potential buyers to make an informed decision based on their individual needs.

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