Review: P1 Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum | Performance, Battery Life & Usability

This review will discuss the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner P1 Pro, characterized by a powerful 30Kpa suction, brushless motor, LED touch display, a runtime of 45 minutes, and a lightweight design. It can handle a variety of surfaces, from hard floors and carpets to pet hair.


Powerful Suction: With a suction force of 30Kpa, this vacuum cleaner easily picks up dust, pet hair, and small particles. The robust suction capability makes it a reliable choice for comprehensive cleaning tasks.

Brushless Motor: The brushless motor provides enhanced performance and longevity. Compared to brushed motors, brushless motors are more energy-efficient, contributing to the vacuum’s lengthy 45-minute runtime.

LED Touch Display: The LED touch display offers an intuitive user interface, displaying vital information like battery status and suction mode. This feature improves usability, allowing users to adjust settings with a simple touch.

Lightweight and Self-Standing: The vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver due to its lightweight design. The self-standing feature adds to the ease of use and storage.


Limited Runtime on High Settings: While the vacuum offers a 45-minute runtime, this is likely to decrease when using higher suction settings. For larger cleaning tasks, this may necessitate a recharge.

Surface Adaptability: Though it is advertised for use on carpets and hard floors, performance may vary depending on the type of carpet or floor. Deep-cleaning thick carpets could pose a challenge.


What is the weight of the P1 Pro Vacuum Cleaner?
The P1 Pro is designed to be lightweight for easy maneuverability, but the exact weight may vary. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for precise information.

How long does the vacuum’s battery last on high suction mode?
The 45-minute runtime is on the standard mode. Using high suction settings will likely reduce this runtime, but exact times may vary depending on the cleaning conditions.

Can the P1 Pro effectively clean pet hair?
The P1 Pro features robust 30Kpa suction, which should efficiently handle pet hair. However, the effectiveness may depend on the amount and type of pet hair and the surface being cleaned.

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