Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Fan Motor Module for Xiaomi Roborock Series

– Compatible with multiple Xiaomi Roborock models: S50, S51, S55, S60, S61, S65, S5 MAX, S6, E25, E35.
– Can serve as a direct replacement, ensuring seamless integration.
– Potentially enhances the vacuum’s suction capability and performance.
– Durable construction, implying longevity.
– Easy to install for those familiar with robot vacuum repairs.


Limited to Xiaomi Roborock models; not universal.
Requires some technical know-how for installation.
There might be variations in performance based on the exact model of the vacuum.

FAQs People Often Ask:

Is this fan motor module original from Xiaomi?
Will it improve the suction power of my vacuum?
How long will this module last?
Do I need special tools for the installation?
Are there any installation guides available?

Note: Ensure you have the appropriate model before purchasing this product. Always consult with a professional or the manufacturer if unsure about installation.

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