Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Side Brush & Filter for G20

1. **Packaging**: Contains both side brushes and filters, enhancing overall maintenance.
2. **Compatibility**: Specifically designed for G20 robot vacuums ensuring a snug fit.
3. **Quantity**: The pack comes with 2 side brushes and 3 filters, which is sufficient for multiple replacements.
4. **Ease of Installation**: Users can quickly replace old parts without any specialized tools.
5. **Improved Cleaning Performance**: New brushes and filters can enhance the vacuum’s efficiency.


Limited Compatibility: Only fits G20 robot vacuums. Owners of other models might find this pack unsuitable.
No Included Instructions: A guide for replacing the parts might be beneficial for some users.


Q: Can I use these on any other robot vacuum models besides the G20?
A: No, these parts are specifically designed for the G20 model.

Q: How often should I replace the side brush and filter?
A: It depends on usage, but it’s generally recommended to check parts monthly and replace as needed.

Q: Do the filters help in trapping fine dust and allergens?
A: Yes, the filters play a crucial role in trapping fine particles, enhancing the air quality of the room.

Q: Are any special tools required for the replacement?
A: No, the replacement is straightforward and doesn’t demand any special tools.

Q: Is the material of the brushes and filters durable?
A: Yes, the parts are designed to last while maintaining optimal performance.

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