Review: Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo Q6 SE with Lidar & Self-Emptying

1. **Lidar Navigation**: Advanced mapping capabilities for efficient cleaning routes.
2. **Self Emptying**: Minimizes user intervention by automatically emptying the dustbin.
3. **Combo Function**: Vacuum and mopping functions combined for comprehensive cleaning.
4. **3500Pa Suction**: High suction power ideal for removing stubborn dirt.
5. **Smart App Mapping**: Allows users to set no-go zones and specific cleaning areas.
6. **Pet Hair Specialist**: Efficiently removes pet hair, making it suitable for households with pets.
7. **Versatile for Different Surfaces**: Works well on carpet, hard floors, and other surfaces.


Potential App Issues: Some users may find it challenging to navigate or face occasional glitches.
Mopping Limitations: Might not be as efficient for deep-set stains as a traditional mop.
Maintenance Required: Despite self-emptying, periodic maintenance of filters and brushes is necessary.
Noise Levels: Like most vacuums, it might be relatively loud for some households.


Q: How often does the self-emptying function need emptying?
A: Depending on usage, usually once a week or when the indicator prompts.

Q: Is the app compatible with both iOS and Android?
A: Yes, the smart app is compatible with both platforms.

Q: Can it handle thick carpets?
A: With 3500Pa suction, it can handle most carpets, but extremely thick ones might pose challenges.

Q: How does it handle obstacles like toys or shoes?
A: The Lidar Navigation helps it navigate around obstacles, but it’s advisable to clear the cleaning area for best results.

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