Review: Sanitaire SC679K Tradition Upright Commercial Vacuum

**Pros of Sanitaire SC679K Tradition Upright Commercial Bagged Vacuum – Red:**
1. Strong suction power suitable for commercial applications.
2. Lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver.
3. Bagged system effectively contains dust and allergens.
4. Durable construction, built for long-lasting use.
5. Easy-to-change dust bags for convenient maintenance.

Cons of Sanitaire SC679K Tradition Upright Commercial Bagged Vacuum – Red:

Bagged system may lead to ongoing costs for replacement bags.
Lack of advanced features compared to newer models.
Some users may find the noise level slightly high.
Limited to cord length, which might not suit larger spaces.
Absence of a HEPA filter may be a concern for some users.


Does the vacuum come with spare bags? Initial purchase might include one or two spare bags, but this varies by retailer.
Is there a warranty? Warranty terms depend on the point of purchase, but many commercial vacuums offer a standard warranty.
Can it be used on various floor types? The Sanitaire SC679K is primarily designed for carpeted areas, but it can be used on hard floors with caution.
How long is the power cord? The power cord length varies, but most commercial models offer a generous length suitable for larger spaces.
Is it suitable for pet hair? While it is effective at picking up general debris, those with pets might want a model specifically designed for pet hair removal.

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