Review: Shark SV75Z/LV800 Pet-Perfect Handheld Vacuum (Renewed)


Cordless Design: Provides the freedom to clean without the hassle of a cord.
Bagless: Eliminates the need to buy replacement bags, saving money in the long run.
Portable & Lightweight: Convenient for quick clean-ups and easy storage.
Pet-Perfect Feature: Effectively picks up pet hair from various surfaces.
Rechargeable Battery: Reduces the need for constant battery replacements.


Renewed Product: May not have the same lifespan as a brand-new unit.
Battery Life: Depending on usage, the rechargeable battery might need frequent recharging.
Limited Capacity: Smaller dirt cup may require frequent emptying for bigger messes.
Not Ideal for Larger Areas: Best suited for spot cleaning rather than whole-room cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the battery last on a full charge?
The battery life varies depending on the type and extent of usage.
Is the filter washable?
Yes, the filter is washable and reusable.
Can this vacuum handle wet messes?
It’s primarily designed for dry messes. Wet or damp materials may damage the vacuum.
How often should I empty the dirt cup?
It’s best to empty the dirt cup after each use to ensure optimal performance.

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