Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop: Alexa-Compatible, WiFi & App Controlled (Blue)


WiFi & App Compatibility: Easily controlled through an app or via WiFi, offering user convenience.
Alexa Compatible: Offers hands-free voice control through Alexa, enhancing accessibility.
Self-Charging: Returns to its charging station when battery is low, ensuring it’s always ready to use.
230ML Water Tank: Adequate water tank capacity enables effective mopping functionality.
Pet Hair Capability: Designed to pick up pet hair, making it suitable for households with pets.
Multi-Surface Cleaning: Works on hard floors and low pile carpet, offering versatility.


Low Pile Carpet Limitation: May not perform well on medium or high pile carpets, limiting its use in some homes.
Potential Navigation Issues: Users have reported occasional navigation errors.
Water Tank Capacity: Though adequate for small to medium areas, the 230ML tank might be insufficient for large spaces.
Noise Level: Might be louder compared to some other models in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can it be used on all types of floors?

It is specifically designed for hard floors and low pile carpets.

Is it compatible with other voice control systems besides Alexa?

Information provided does not mention compatibility with other voice control systems.

What’s the battery life like?

Specific details on battery life are not provided in the product description.

How does it handle obstacles like furniture or toys?

Some users have reported occasional navigation challenges, though the robot vacuum typically includes sensors to avoid obstacles.

Can you schedule cleaning times?

Yes, through the app, you can schedule cleaning according to your needs.

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