Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo 4000 Pa: Control with App, Voice – For Floors & Carpets


Powerful Suction: With 4000 Pa suction power, this vacuum cleaner can effectively pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair.
Multifunctional Combo: Acts as a vacuum and mop, delivering a comprehensive cleaning solution for hard floors and carpets.
Smart Control Options: Compatibility with Siri, APP, Alexa, and WiFi allows for convenient control and scheduling.
Super Slim Design: Its slim build enables the vacuum to navigate under furniture and hard-to-reach areas easily.
Self-Charging: Automatically returns to the charging base, ensuring that it’s always ready for use.
Low Noise: Operates quietly, minimizing disturbances during cleaning sessions.


Performance on Thick Carpets: May struggle with deep cleaning on thick or shaggy carpets.
Mop Function Limitations: The mopping feature might not be suitable for stubborn stains.
Connectivity Issues: Some users may find it challenging to connect to WiFi or smart devices.
Limited Battery Life: The battery might not last long enough for cleaning larger homes in one go.


Q: Can it navigate stairs?
A: No, it’s not designed to navigate stairs and might get stuck if it encounters them.
Q: Is it suitable for homes with pets?
A: Yes, it’s designed to handle pet hair but might struggle with larger quantities.
Q: How does the scheduling function work?
A: Users can schedule cleaning times through the associated app, Alexa, or Siri, allowing for regular, automated cleaning.
Q: Can it clean multiple types of floors?
A: Yes, it can clean both hard floors and carpets, but its effectiveness may vary with different surfaces.
Q: What’s the size of the dustbin?
A: The dustbin size is not specified, and users may need to check the product details for exact dimensions.

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