Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Combo Review: Alexa, WiFi, & App-Compatible Device

The robotic vacuum cleaner and mop combo is an innovative household gadget designed to ease the burden of maintaining cleanliness. This product, available in a vibrant blue hue, is tailored for tackling pet hair, hard floors, and low pile carpets, making it a comprehensive cleaning solution.


Alexa/WiFi/App Compatibility: Offers seamless integration with smart home systems via Alexa, WiFi, and a dedicated app, providing convenient remote control and schedule setting.
Self-Charging: Automatically returns to its charging station when battery life is low, ensuring it’s always ready to clean when needed.
230ML Water Tank: With its generous water tank, the device can mop a large area without needing frequent refills.
Pet Hair Cleaning: The robust suction capacity effectively deals with pet hair, a crucial feature for pet owners.
Suitable for Various Floor Types: It works equally well on hard floors and low pile carpets, providing versatile cleaning options.


Not Ideal for Thick Carpets: The cleaner might struggle on thick, high pile carpets, limiting its effectiveness to hard floors and low pile carpets.
WiFi/App Dependency: Despite its convenience, any disruption in WiFi can interfere with its functioning.
Size of Water Tank: While the tank is reasonably sized for most uses, larger homes might require more frequent refills during mop mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can this robotic vacuum clean under furniture?
A: Yes, due to its compact design, it can navigate under most furniture to ensure comprehensive cleaning.

Q: Does the vacuum stop automatically when the dustbin is full?
A: Yes, it comes with a full-bin indicator that halts operation when the bin needs emptying to maintain optimal cleaning performance.

Q: How is the mop function activated?
A: The mop function can be activated via the dedicated app, allowing you to choose when and where the robot mops.

Q: Can it navigate stairs without falling?
A: This vacuum cleaner is equipped with advanced sensors to prevent falls, including those from stairs.

Remember, while this blue robotic vacuum cleaner and mop combo has several compelling features, it’s essential to consider its limitations, particularly if your home features thick carpets or you have a larger than average home that may require more frequent water tank refills.

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