Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1010AE: XL Self-Empty Base Review

1. **XL Self-Empty Base:** Offers convenience with its large capacity, reducing the frequency of manual intervention.
2. **45-Day Capacity:** The unit can operate for extended periods without requiring constant attention, ideal for busy homeowners.
3. **Advanced Navigation:** Maps out rooms efficiently, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.
4. **Alexa & Wi-Fi Connectivity:** Provides ease of operation, enabling remote control and voice command functionality.
5. **Multi-Surface Brushroll:** Equipped to handle various surfaces, from carpets to hard floors.
6. **Effective for Pet Owners:** Efficiently collects pet dander and dust, making it a boon for households with furry friends.


Black Color: Can show scratches and marks easily compared to lighter shades.
Wi-Fi Dependence: Some users might experience connection issues or might not be tech-savvy to handle Wi-Fi features.
Size: Being an advanced model, it might be bulkier than some simpler robot vacuums.
Price: Higher-end features might make this model pricier compared to basic robot vacuums.

People-Care FAQs:

How often does the base need to be emptied?

Given its 45-day capacity, under regular use, it will need emptying approximately once every month and a half.

Is it suitable for all floor types?

Yes, its multi-surface brushroll makes it efficient for both carpets and hard floors.

Can it navigate under furniture?

With its advanced navigation, it can maneuver around obstacles, but clearance under furniture is dependent on its height.

How does it handle pet hair?

Designed for pet owners, it efficiently collects pet dander and hair, keeping homes clean.

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