Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum ZU560 (Renewed): Pros, Cons, & FAQs

– **Lift-Away Technology:** This feature allows users to easily detach the canister for portable cleaning.
– **Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap:** Ensures minimal hair tangling on the brush roll, reducing maintenance.
– **Anti-Allergen + HEPA Filter:** Efficiently captures dust and allergens, ensuring a cleaner air output.
– **Swivel Steering:** Provides better maneuverability around furniture and obstacles.
– **Renewed Model:** Generally, a more affordable option compared to brand-new models.


Renewed Model: Some might be concerned about its longevity or past usage.
Weight: Can be considered heavy for some users, especially when lifting.
Dust Bin Capacity: Might require frequent emptying for larger cleaning tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does ‘renewed’ mean?
Renewed indicates that the product has been inspected, tested, and restored to work like new.

Is there a warranty with this renewed model?
Warranty details typically vary by seller; it’s essential to check with the specific seller for warranty information.

How often should the HEPA filter be replaced?
For optimal performance, it’s advisable to check and clean the filter regularly and replace it every 6 to 12 months.

Does this vacuum work on both carpet and hard floors?
Yes, the Shark Navigator ZU560 is designed to work efficiently on both carpets and hard floors.

How do I prevent the vacuum from tipping over when using the hose?
Ensure the vacuum is in an upright position and avoid overstretching the hose to prevent the unit from becoming unstable.

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