Shark Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro Upright Vacuum (ZU62) Review

1. **Self-Cleaning Brushroll**: Eliminates the hassle of hair wrap, ensuring continuous cleaning.
2. **Pet Pro Feature**: Specifically designed for households with pets, capturing pet hair effectively.
3. **Upright Design**: Provides powerful suction and is generally more effective at deep cleaning carpets.
4. **Large Dust Cup Capacity**: Reduces the frequency of emptying the bin.
5. **Pewter Grey Metallic Finish**: Gives a sleek and modern appearance.
6. **Anti-Allergen Complete Seal**: Helps trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum.


Renewed Product: It’s not brand new, which may be a concern for some users regarding durability or performance.
Bulkier Size: Upright design might not be as maneuverable or easy to store as some other vacuum styles.
Potentially Shorter Lifespan: As it’s a renewed product, there could be concerns about its longevity compared to new units.


Is the self-cleaning brushroll effective with long pet hair? Yes, the self-cleaning brushroll is designed to tackle long hair and prevent tangles.
Does the vacuum come with any additional tools? Depending on the seller, the renewed product might come with the original tools. It’s recommended to check with the seller.
How frequently do I need to clean the filter? Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Check the filter every month and clean or replace as necessary.
Is the renewed version as efficient as the brand-new version? Renewed products are tested for functionality and should work like new. However, performance might vary based on usage history.

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