Simplicity S65D Cordless Vacuum: Pet Hair Deluxe Edition Review


Cordless Design: No need for constant plugging and unplugging, offering greater flexibility in movement.
Pet Hair Specialization: Efficiently picks up pet hair, which can be a challenge for many vacuums.
Lightweight: Easy to carry, reduces fatigue during prolonged use.
Versatile Use: Suitable for both carpet and floor cleaning.
Dual Action: Enhances cleaning efficiency by tackling dirt from multiple angles.
One-Click and Go: Simplified operation reduces hassle.
Two Speeds: Allows customization based on cleaning needs.
Converts to Handheld: Great for spot cleaning and reaching nooks and corners.


Battery Dependency: Being cordless means reliance on battery life. Might need regular charging depending on usage.
Storage Consideration: Requires a spot to store when not in use, especially if keeping all attachments together.
Possible Limited Suction on High Carpet: Some cordless models may not offer the same suction power on thicker carpets.
Maintenance: Cordless models often require more frequent filter cleaning and replacements.


How long does the battery last on a full charge?
Is the vacuum suitable for hardwood floors without causing scratches?
How often do filters need to be changed or cleaned?
Is the noise level tolerable for pets?
Can it pick up larger debris like cat litter or dog food?

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