TCL Sweeva 1000 Robot Vacuum: Ultra Slim, 1500Pa Suction, Washable Filter

1. **Ultra Slim Design (2.76 inch)**: Easily navigates under furniture.
2. **Strong Suction (1500Pa)**: Capable of picking up pet hair, dust, and debris.
3. **120-Minute Runtime**: Allows for cleaning large areas in a single charge.
4. **Washable HEPA Filter**: Eco-friendly and convenient for maintaining.
5. **Effective on Different Surfaces**: Performs well on both hard floors and carpets.


Potential Navigation Issues: May struggle with complex room layouts.
Not Suitable for Thick Carpets: Suction might not be enough for plush carpeting.
Limited Smart Features: May lack advanced connectivity or control options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it good for pet hair? Yes, the 1500Pa suction can effectively pick up pet hair.
Can it clean under furniture? The ultra-slim design enables it to clean under most furniture.
How often does the HEPA filter need to be washed? Depending on usage, regular cleaning is advisable for optimal performance.
Does it work on all types of hard floors and carpets? It’s designed to work on most hard floors and thin to medium-pile carpets, but may struggle with thicker carpets.

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