Unbiased Review: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, P20 with 2800Pa Suction & App Controls

Product Review: P20 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Enhanced Suction, App Control, and Extended Runtime


Powerful Suction: The P20 robotic vacuum cleaner stands out due to its 2800Pa suction power, effectively collecting dust, debris, and pet hair.
App Control: The integrated app control allows for seamless operation. Users can customize cleaning schedules and monitor progress remotely.
Extended Runtime: The vacuum boasts a runtime of 120 minutes, allowing for substantial cleaning before recharging.
Automatic Recharge: The self-charging feature ensures the vacuum recharges itself once battery life is low, minimizing user intervention.
Versatile Use: It effectively cleans low carpets, pet hair, and hard floors, making it a versatile tool for varied cleaning needs.


Limited to Low Carpets: This model might not perform as effectively on high-pile carpets or rugs.
No Full Dustbin Indicator: There appears to be no mechanism to alert users when the dustbin is full.
Potential Navigation Issues: Some users might experience challenges with the vacuum’s navigation in complex layouts or cluttered spaces.


Q: How does the P20 handle obstacles?
A: The P20 has built-in sensors for obstacle detection, though performance may vary in cluttered environments.

Q: How loud is the P20 during operation?
A: The P20 is designed for quiet operation, but exact decibel levels are not specified by the manufacturer.

Q: Does the P20 robotic vacuum cleaner work with virtual voice assistants?
A: As of this review, the manufacturer does not explicitly state compatibility with voice assistants.

Q: How frequently should I empty the dustbin?
A: It’s recommended to empty the dustbin after each cleaning cycle to ensure optimal performance.

Q: Can the P20 clean multiple rooms in one cycle?
A: Yes, the P20 can clean multiple rooms in one cycle, provided the total area does not exceed its battery capacity.

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