UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner Review: A Comprehensive Look at Its Performance

The Bed Vacuum Cleaner UV Mattress Vacuum with Roller Brush & High Heating Tech Upgrade Double Dust Cup 400W Powerful Suction Handheld Vacuums, aiming at the thorough removal of bed dust and pet hair, has been put to the test. Here’s a detailed analysis of its pros and cons.


Enhanced Cleaning Capabilities: The product comes equipped with a UV light, which is instrumental in killing dust mites and bacteria.

High Heating Tech: This feature allows the vacuum cleaner to remove stubborn dirt by heating the mattress surface, enhancing the overall cleaning efficiency.

Double Dust Cup: A significant advantage of this vacuum cleaner is its dual dust cup feature. This increases the product’s dust storage capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying the cup.

Powerful Suction: With a power rating of 400W, the vacuum provides robust suction power, effectively picking up dust, mites, and pet hair.

Roller Brush: The roller brush is particularly efficient at picking up pet hair from fabric surfaces.


Not Suitable for All Surfaces: Although the product is excellent for beds and mattresses, it might not perform as effectively on other surfaces.

Weight: Handheld, yes, but the product can feel a bit heavy after prolonged use.

Noise Level: The powerful 400W motor can make the vacuum cleaner quite noisy, which might not be ideal for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this product be used on sofa surfaces?
A: The product is primarily designed for beds and mattresses. While it can be used on sofas, the cleaning efficiency may not be as high.

Q: How frequently should I clean the double dust cup?
A: This will depend on usage, but it’s generally recommended to empty the dust cups after two to three uses.

Q: Does the high heating feature damage the fabric?
A: The high heating feature is designed to enhance cleaning efficiency and should not harm your mattress or bed fabric.

Note: Always refer to the user manual for proper usage instructions to avoid any potential damage to your fabrics.

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