V12 Cordless Vacuum: Power & Versatility in Cleaning

1. **Powerful Suction:** With a 400W motor, it boasts an impressive 31Kpa suction capability, ensuring thorough cleaning.
2. **Cordless Design:** Provides hassle-free maneuverability without being tethered to an outlet.
3. **Long Runtime:** It can run up to 65 minutes on a single charge, making it ideal for larger cleaning tasks.
4. **Smart Auto Suction:** Adjusts suction power based on the type of surface, optimizing battery life and cleaning efficiency.
5. **LED Touch Screen:** A modern and intuitive touch screen interface for easy controls.
6. **Versatile 6-in-1 Design:** Can be transformed for various cleaning needs, from floors to ceilings and even for pet hair.
7. **Effective on Multiple Surfaces:** Suitable for hardwood floors, carpets, and pet hair, offering broad application.


Weight: As with many powerful vacuums, it might be heavier than some of its competitors.
Charging Time: Depending on the battery’s depleted level, it might require extended charging durations.
Price: High-end features could make it more expensive than basic models.
Maintenance: Regular cleaning of filters and dustbin might be needed to maintain optimal performance.


Is it suitable for high-pile carpets? – The vacuum’s strong suction makes it capable of cleaning high-pile carpets effectively.
How long does it take to fully charge? – The exact charging time can vary, but ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Can the battery be replaced? – For details on battery replacement, refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer.
How often should I clean the filters? – It’s recommended to clean filters regularly, but the exact frequency might vary based on usage.
Is it effective for pet hair? – Yes, the vacuum is designed to handle pet hair efficiently.

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