WiFi Robotic Vacuum & Mop Combo – Control with App/Alexa – Ideal for Various Surfaces

1. 2-in-1 Functionality: Combines vacuuming and mopping in one unit.
2. 230ML Water Tank: The ample water tank capacity allows for thorough mopping.
3. WiFi/App/Alexa Integration: Offers convenient control through a smartphone app or voice commands.
4. Self-Charging: Automatically returns to charging base when low on power, ensuring it’s ready for use.
5. Slim Design: Its sleek profile enables cleaning under furniture with ease.
6. Suitable for Different Surfaces: Works well on hard floors, carpets, and is efficient for pet hair.


Complex Setup: Some users might find initial connection to WiFi or app a bit challenging.
Mop Function Limitations: May not be as effective on stubborn stains as traditional mopping.
Noise Level: Depending on surface and operation mode, the noise level might be higher than expected.
Limited Water Control: Lack of precise control over water release may lead to inconsistent mopping.


Q: Is the robotic vacuum compatible with 5GHz WiFi networks?
A: Typically, most robotic vacuums are designed for 2.4GHz networks; please check the product’s specifications.

Q: Can I control the vacuum through multiple devices?
A: Yes, with proper setup, you can control it through different smartphones and voice assistants.

Q: What is the maintenance like for the water tank and filter?
A: Regular cleaning and occasional replacement are usually recommended, and the process varies by model.

Q: Will it operate if I have pets in the house?
A: Yes, the robotic vacuum is designed to handle pet hair and should operate without issue around pets.

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